Felipe Palomino was born in Seville in 1967. He received his education in his native city, where he attended the Seville School of Architecture. He specialised in Urban Planning (1985-1992) and completed his Final Year Project in 1993.

Having successfully completed a selection process, he joined the Emilio Ambasz Architecture Studio in New York, and remained there until 1995, when he returned to Seville to open his own architecture studio.

Despite returning to his native city, he continued to maintain links with New York, and became one of Emilio Ambasz’s Associates in Spain. He has carried out various projects, with La Casa del Retiro Espiritual (the House of Spiritual Retreat) in 2004 being of special note, exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art in New York (November 2005-March 2006).

Since his return to Seville, he has also been involved in the Seville School of Architecture, and became an Associate Lecturer in 1999.

His most significant works include those chosen by the Association of Architects in Seville for the IV Semana de la Arquitectura (IV Seville Architecture Week) which exhibited the most important architectural works carried out in Seville between 1995 and 2005. These works included: La Casa con Dos Patios (the House with Two Patios) in Sierra Norte, La Casa del Retiro Espiritual (the House of Spiritual Retreat), a secondary school in Cañada Rosal, a secondary school in La Campana and 14 houses in Puebla del Río.

Also worth mention is the 12 classroom primary school in Prado del Rey (Cádiz), selected as one of the best architectural works for a school in Andalusia in the On Arquitectura para la Educación (Architecture for Education) exhibition.

Palomino is also involved in painting, sculpture and photography, and his works were displayed in a painting and photography exhibition in the Galería Luiz Verri, Puebla del Río, Seville 1996.

During his professional career, numerous publications have made reference to Felipe Palomino's extensive works, in particular, Arquitectura Viva, Revista Neutra and La guía de la Arquitectura Moderna en Sevilla 1995-2005.

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